• Image of Corteric Hunter Aquocera Scout

Each Corteric Hunter figure stands 4.5" tall and is made up of 19 individual parts and 17 points of articulation. The figures are packaged in a sealed gusseted specialty bag and comes with a unique blueprint and Gatling Cannon accessory. Corteric Hunter Aquocera is a unique hand painted item that is sporting many paint applications. All Spaced Out toys are made of durable 3D printed ABS plastic. Compatible with Glyos System Series figures. All toys are made and finished by hand.

The Corteric Hunters represent the law in some parts of the galaxy while posing as enemies to other areas. Historically, they have been hired by different races to help them structure their planets as well as maintain order. The Corteric Hunters are often seen patrolling the universe in the "Galactic Stockade", which is essentially a giant prison hub. The Galactic Stockade also serves as their base, from which all Corteric hunting contracts are assigned.

The Corteric Aquocera Team was a battalion of Corteric Hunters whose mission it was to find the ancient race of Raptinok's and Tritanok's and eradicate them. The hunters wanted to suppress the race as they were growing more intelligent and stronger by discovering new technologies to advance their once primal civilization. The Corteric confronted them, but the Aquocera Hunters just weren't enough to silence them as they had planned. Only three hunters made it back to the Galactic Stockade to inform the others what had happened that day...

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